Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I didn't know it at the time but last Saturday couldn't have turned out much better. Having success at this event a couple years ago left me w/nothing to prove which made it an ideal place to experiment, in hopes, of learning some new things about myself and reaffirming the old. This would be my first ultra in which I intentionally carried out an overload week(21 hours of training) right up to the date. Normally, there'd be a recognizable taper previously due to my inexperience and/or lack of confidence. My only regret of the weekend was that I made a rendezvous w/a DNF! Knowing my pal, Rhubarb, would be volunteering @ the Oberg Aid Station gave me the plan to hitch a lift after tagging Carlton Peak on the return. Wrecked from soreness and deep fatigue at the moment we left Caribou Highlands, I made the accurate decision, especially, when 80F makes the stomach reject just about everything. Regardless, it is always hard to walk away knowing I could have just taken an extended break to recuperate. Factoring in the weather and new energy products humbled me quickly in thinking I could hang w/usual company during circumstances in which I set up a meltdown. Sawtooth isn't going to be easy and I gave myself a glimpse, hopefully. I will be taking this same approach down in Wausau later this summer too. Otherwise, going back up in a month looking for a result on the MTB!!

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