Friday, May 11, 2012

50K to 100M

Word of my commitment to do battle w/Sawtooth has been leaking out. Early on, debate over whether it is possible for an individual to conceptualize what all may be asked of oneself was treated as a hot topic by me. Let's face it, everyone is going to have plenty of time to reason on that long trail which will certainly void us victim to what I like to call, paralysis by analysis. However, all the instantaneous moments that'll occur out there w/o even catching my perception and should come natural either way, are not what I'm concerned about. There has always been an allure to the unknown for me when discussing accomplishments that relate to pure human grit. Exploring the limits of stamina has found me going thru the phase of using devices(watches, HR monitors, GPS, computers, power meters, etc.) and returning to bare essentials for the purpose of joy! Undermining those whom use said equipment is not my point as there is valuable data and experience to be gained from them. Sitting here today, knowing that the majority of my life has involved this passion, correlations have been made and I can draw them instinctually. No more training blocks incorporating periodization followed right out of a textbook. I've been down that road and it served me well as I learned a lot but my observations have allowed much tweaking in order to better custom fit a system. Turning 35 years old or young the day before the race has urged me to approach things even more unorthodox than usual to spice up the monotony of the conditioning process. Drawing inspiration from the course itself is not hard and will serve as the backbone of my motivation. Reconnaissance of every inch travelled during that SHT route will be gone over w/a fine-tooth comb prior to the event. While out each day, I plan do be very receptive to how the section treated me and take notes.

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Anonymous said...

Right on! Good luck this weekend, I'll see you on the trail!